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22 Nov 2022

Cardiovascular: Secondary prevention of CVD

Heart healthy lifestyle, supported by cardiac rehabilitation programmes and'appropriate pharmacotherapy are both important elements for on-going patient care.'

This session, using case studies drawn from everyday practice, will focus on the'pharmacological treatments for secondary prevention. For patients with an acute'coronary event many of the medicines will be commenced during the hospital'admission but will need on-going prescription, monitoring and review by the primary'care team and for patients with stable cardiovascular disease initation will be led by'the primary care team.'

Key Learning Points'

  • Describe the NICE guidelines for secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease'
  • Review a patient with established CVD to ensure the appropriate medicines have'been offered'
  • Describe the considerations for dose and /or treatment optimisation for a patient with'established CVD'
  • Consider where remote consultations may be used effectively to improve patient'management'
  • Discuss where a quality improvement (QI) initiative may improve patient care and'safe prescribing within a practice/PCN'


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