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23 Nov 2022

Management in practice: Improving your practice's carbon footprint

Key learning points'

  • Climate change is an existential threat to humanity but also an evolving threat to public health and the NHS, needing urgent sustainable action.'

  • Humanity, public health and nature are not separate, it is crucial to see them as one to fix the climate crisis.''

  • The primary care team should view clinical care through a sustainability lens to benefit the health and well-being of current and future generations.'

  • As the most trusted healthcare professionals in the UK, GPs and nurses have ample opportunities to engage with the community, raising awareness of the benefits and threats of climate change on our health.'

  • Given the time pressures associated with patient consultations, focus on one piece of practical advice at a time that is tailored to the patient's needs that requires a behavioural change to make a difference to their health and environment.'

  • Promote self-care/lifestyle intervention as part of daily living; support self-management interventions for long-term health conditions as it reduces unnecessary practice visits, overprescribing and costly medical interventions.'

  • Review your prescribing habits (including inhalers) and avoid unnecessary referrals; encourage active travel in staff/patients and reduce unnecessary visits.'

  • Utilise the GIFH Toolkit which offers simple practical tips on how to help your practice deliver sustainable healthcare.'

  • Calculate your practice's carbon footprint (non-clinical) to act as a baseline from which changes to achieve net zero can be measured.'''

  • Everyone has a role to play in climate change; every positive change made, however small it seems, will bring benefits to the staff, patients, society and our planet.'

  • Reducing the practice's carbon footprint will not only mitigate climate change but also improves patient health, reduce workload and save money.'

  • Showcase/celebrate achievements of your team/individuals contributing towards carbon reduction and sustainable healthcare.'


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