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23 Nov 2022

Women's health: Living with Drug-Resistant UTIs: women's perspectives

For these women, years and sometimes decades of misery follow. Living with Drug-Resistant UTIs has become the daily nightmare for a growing number of women, as shared with Arlene Brailey, Patient Support Lead for Antibiotic Research UK, a publicly funded charity. Arlene will bring a number of real patient stories to share in this session(with sufferers' explicit permission). She will describe the patient perspective of living with recurrent and drug resistant UTIs; how this disrupts every aspect of their life, and how these women despair of ever finding relief from the constant symptoms. What can we learn from these women who describe the dread and fear of no resolution of these UTIs ' and the hopelessness of being prescribed yet another course of antibiotics which they know, from painful experience, will not make any difference with symptoms reappearing as soon as it's finished?


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