Guidelines Live 2022

Rakesh Koria

Rakesh Koria

Dr Rakesh Koria is a Macmillan GP working as Acute Response Team GP in Thanet. He has been a frontline GP for last 32 years as well as having worked for the local hospice. He is currently the Kent and Medway CCG Cancer, Quality & Education Lead as well Macmillan GP Associate Advisor for Kent & Medway and NHS England Southeast Palliative & End of Life Care Lead. As a Macmillan Professional of many years, he is enthusiastic about Cancer and P&EOLC, working collaboratively regardless of roles of settings with aims of improving patient care and inter-professional support utilising pragmatic education as an enabler. During the pandemic he engaged in several innovative addresses to the Cancer and P&EOLC challenges, opportunities, and priorities.


Given Cancer affects up to 1:2 of us and the earlier we diagnose cancers, the better the outcomes are as well as people are living longer with cancer, how we meet these holistic needs of our patients in practice in the context of pandemic impact, is going to be our biggest challenge for foreseeable future. The collaborative partnership between NHS and Macmillan Cancer Support is going to be vital for our patients, professionals, and processes to meet the Cancer and P&EOLC needs of the future.