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GinP cover temporaryIt’s a pleasure to welcome you to Guidelines Live 2023 where, over the course of 2 days, experts in primary care will deliver a wealth of educational sessions on the latest guidance, and provide insights on evidence-based best practice. 

This digital companion edition of Guidelines in Practice was created to enhance your experience of Guidelines Live 2023. It features a selection of recently published expert articles on clinical guidance that align closely with topics on the agenda to support further learning after the event. In addition, it showcases our Theory in Practice videos: a series of interviews in which Dr Kevin Fernando consults healthcare professionals about topical issues in primary care, asking two questions and agreeing two key take-home messages.  

You can find all of your favourite Guidelines in Practice articles at If you’re not already a member, sign up today to access the latest guideline summaries, tools, and resources to support your practice—it’s free for UK-based healthcare professionals. 

The opportunity for continuing professional development is one of the main reasons why primary care practitioners attend Guidelines Live. To support you to get the most out of the expertise on offer, we have created a new Reflection record—a downloadable, interactive PDF to aid you as you reflect on your learning in each session. 

On behalf of the Medscape UK team, I hope you find Guidelines Live 2023 an informative and enjoyable experience, and I look forward to seeing you there. 

Nina Buchan PhD
Editor, Guidelines in Practice

Network-level action is needed to improve cancer diagnosis pathways

Dr Anthony Cunliffe and Dr Abhijit Gill suggest approaches through which primary care networks and GP practices can improve early stage cancer diagnosis.

Understand the optimal use of inflammatory marker tests

Dr Peter Saul explains the role of common tests for inflammatory markers in primary care, emphasising the importance of their careful application and interpretation.

Theory in Practice videos

Hormone-replacement therapy with Dr Toni Hazell

Theory in Practice thumbnailIn the first in a new series of videos, Dr Toni Hazell and Dr Kevin Fernando discuss hormone-replacement therapy.

The updated ADA/EASD consensus report with Dr Sarah Davies

Theory in Practice thumbnailIn the second in a new series of videos, Dr Sarah Davies and Dr Kevin Fernando discuss the updated ADA/EASD consensus report.

NICE Guideline 28 with Dr Pam Brown

Theory in Practice thumbnailIn the third in a new series of videos, Dr Pam Brown and Dr Kevin Fernando discuss the updated NICE Guideline 28 on type 2 diabetes.

Improving the quality and carbon footprint of asthma care with Dr Vasumathy Sivarajasingam

Theory in Practice thumbnailIn the fourth in a new series of videos, Dr Vasumathy Sivarajasingam and Dr Kevin Fernando discuss better, greener asthma care.

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Guidelines Live is an educational event made possible by sponsorship from organisations including pharmaceutical companies. Sponsors have had no input into the agenda of the meeting unless through sponsored session(s) as indicated on the main programme. A list of all sponsors can be found here.


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